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The research in Beyzavi Group at the University of Arkansas involves the synthesis and study of new transition metal-based catalysts and materials for applications in cancer therapy, e.g. photodynamic therapy (PDT) and chemotherapy; biomedical imaging, e.g. positron emission tomography (PET); energy sustainability, and small molecule activation. Our goal is the creative use of nature-inspired cooperative interactions to achieve new modes of reactivity.


Our Research Highlights

Anticancer Nano Drug Candidates: KNWA/FOX24 TV, NewsWire, Research Frontiers, ScienceDaily, KLRT Fox 16, KARK-TV, Ed 88, Center for Health Education, Awareness Resources and Services (CHEARS)Business Standard, News Break, Pharmacy Times, StudyFinds, Times of RepublicBreast Cancers, Bright Surf, Social News

Pt- and Au-based Anticancer Drugs: KNWA TV, FOX24 TV, NewsWire, Fulbright REVIEWThe Arkansas Traveler Newspaper

Funding: NewsWire (NIH Funding on PET Imaging), Arkansas Democrat Gazette (NIH Funding on PET Imaging), UA Notebook (NIH Funding for PET Imaging), NewsWire (DoD Funding on Water Purification)


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